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FoolZ – Westerwälder Hof – Gebhardshain, Germany – October 10, 2009

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The FooZ’ first gig after Lex’ departure. For this occasion, Tim aka Billy joined in as a special guest on vocals. Also, special appearances by Lothar on sax on ‘Sofa’, ‘The Idiot Bastard Son’ and ‘Suicide Chump’, and bazbo doing idiotic poetry on ‘Once Upon A Time’

01 Friday, October 9 - au3, Paulu$ & ModifiedDog having a stop in Germany02 bazbo's late lunch03 au3, ModifiedDog & Paulu$ on their way to Germany04 Arrived at Westerw?lder Hof05 Arrived at Westerw?lder Hof in Gebhardshain06 Paulu$, LudzNL & au3 in Westerw?lder Hof07 Westerw?lder Hof - the concert venue08 In Georg's House - au3, LudzNL & Paulu$09 Ass water? - Ass wasserGeorg's friend from DDR servers Spreewasser liquerbazbo's dinner - Georg's lentil soup with Spreewasser liquer!12 bazbo enjoys Georg's lentil soup (and the next day too, btw)13 A strange picture in the local newspaper? Or is it a joke by Georg?13 Georg's living room table - redecorated by Paulu$15 Manchester has arrived! - Magdalena, Georg's friend, Paulu$, Bev, ModifiedDog16 Georg, Torsten, Georg's friend & LudzNL17 ModifiedDog, au3 & BaldHeadedJohn18 Georg & ModifiedDog19 Torsten, LudzNL & HairZ20 Georg & LudzNL21 BaldHeadedJohn, ModifiedDog, au3 & Bev22 The sign outside Georg's house23 Saturday, October 10, 2009 - breakfast with Magdalena, ModifiedDog & HairZ24 Breakfast with Paulu$, BaldHeadedJohn, Magdalena, ModifiedDog & HairZ25 ModifiedDog outside Westerw?lder Hof26 Gebhardshain27 Gebhardshain28 Gebhardshain29 Georg's house30 The sign in Georg's garden31 Filthy foods in the local supermarket32 Back in Westerw?lder Hof - Ethell & Debbie33 LudzNL & Ethell34 Announcements inside the venue35 Announcements in the venue36 FoolZ building up their gear37 And back in Georg's house - his lounge attic38 Georg's house - the lounge attic39 view in the living room/kitchen40 Pipco - a Manchester present41 Back in Westerw?lder Hof - FoolZ soundcheck (with Lothar on sax)42 bazbo's starter43 bazbo's dinner44 Billy & Debbie45 Billy rehearsing his lyrics46 Ethell, ModifiedDog & Maryse (F)47 Polytoximane Philharmonie48 Polytoximane Philharmonie49 Debbie, Bernard, Ethell & au350 Billy's mommy, Bernard & Debbie51 Jeroen, Anne, au3, HairZ & Billy52 Jeroen, Anne, au3 & HairZ53 MagdalenaBaldHeadedJohn, Georg & bazbo

55 Billy's mommy & sister Anne56 Wan57 ke58 Pedro59 r?bber chicken & Erwin60 Billy61 Billy62 Billy63 Remco64 bazbo doing a special version of 'Once Upon A Time'65 bazbo performing 'Once Upon A Time'66 Billy as Elvis67 Remco68 Billy69 special guest Lothar70 special guest Lothar71 Billy in 'The Torture Never Stops'72 Billy, Pedro & Remco73 Remco74 Billy75 Wan76 After the show - Billy & Debbie77 Wan, Remco & ke78 Debbie & Ethellbazbo & Billy80 bazbo, Billy & ModifiedDog81 ModifiedDog82 Wan, Remco, Georg happy, ke83 Sunday, October 11, 2009 - BaldHeadedJohn & HairZ waiting for breakfast84 waiting for breakfast - Billy, Debbie & Ethell85 waiting for breakfast - Billy, Debbie & Ethell86 breakfast! - LudzNL, Magdalena, BaldHeadedJohn, Debbie, Billy & au387 breakfast - Pedro on the left, Erwin, Wan & Georg's DDR friend88 bazbo's breakfast89 Manchester is leaving - Magdalena & HairZ


01 Let’s Make The Water Turn Black / Take Your Clothes Of When You Dance –

02 Joe’s Garage / Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? –

03 Florentine Pogen –

04 Zoot Allures –

05 Elvis Has Just Left The Building –

06 Bazboomled By Love –

07 Montana – (Edit by LudzNL)

08 Suicide Chump –

09 Ms. Pinky –

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