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Zappanale 2009 – Day 1 – Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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002 Hamburg Binnenalster

001 090811 Tuesday - Hamburg002 Hamburg Binnenalster008 ModifiedDog and Luuk at the Binennalster in Hamburg011 ModifiedDog and bazbo at the Binnenalster in Hamburg013 Hamburg Rathaus014 Luuk checking the menu at the Binennalster in Hamburg015 enjoying Erdinger at the Binnenalster in Hamburg016 bazbos lunch - ciabatta with mozarella and tomatos019 Hamburg Rathaus020 Hamburg Alsterfleet021 Hamburg Rathaus022 Hamburg Rathaus023 ModifiedDog in the Hamburg Rathaus024 Hamburg Rathaus fountain025 Hamburg Rathaus026 Hamburg027 Hamburg St Katharinenkirche029 Hamburg St Nikolaitor030 Hamburg St Nikolaitor031 Hamburg St Nikolaitor032 Hamburg St Nikolaitor033 Deichstrasse034 Deichstrasse037 Luuk enjoying the Hamburger Schnitzel038 Deichstrasse behind039 ModifiedDog and Luuk in St Katharinenkirche040 The Sheik Yerbouti stage in the St Katharinenkirche041 Ethell and Billy044 Sheik Yerbouti performing acoustic in St Katharinenkirche in Hamburg045 Intermission - ModifiedDog and DrZurkon046 The Evil Prince arrives048 The Evil Prince049 The Evil Prince enters the stage050 Sheik Yerbouti052 Georg053 The Muffin Man054 LudzNL and Ethell in Irish pub Finnigans Wake056 bazbo StatusBaby and Hasi057 Zappacheers to DrZurkon and LudzNL058 Billy LudzNL and DrZurkon

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Zappanale 2009 – Day 2 – Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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069 FZ ModifiedDog bazbo and Luuk

059 090812 Wednesday - bazbos breakfast060 view from our hotel window061 Beefang hotel am Kirchenallee062 waiting for our train to Rostock - Billy Ethell ModifiedDog and Luuk063 Luuk and Ethell in Molli065 Luuk blowing up the air beds067 Luuk ModifiedDog Billy and Ethell waiting for Molli068 the FZ statue in Bad Doberan069 FZ ModifiedDog bazbo and Luuk071 ModifiedDog in the MeinKampfTheater072 the delicious dish is back073 spaghetti Thunfisch074 au3 BaldHeadedJohn Bev PaulusS unknown Eelco and Clint075 HairZ Magdalena TittiesAndBeer and Pam076 ModifiedDog hidihi Luuk and Auke077 HairZ080 Aufrichtiges Zappa082 ModifiedDog and Luuk enjoying Aufrichtiges Zappa083 Aufrichtiges Zappa084 Aufrichtiges Zappa085 trailer for a JCB movie in the MeinKampfTheater086 Unholm Ethell and Billy087 ke Steve and Ivan088 Ivan and bazbo090 BowTieDad Eric and Ethell092 EdLick and Lennaert093 au3 Luuk  WhatItUsed2Bswife and sibbz094 UniMuta and Steve095 sibbz Steve and DebutantDaisy096 unicrayon au3 and PaulusS097 Gamma and Helen098 Gamma and Helen099 BowTieDad and Sharleena100 PaulusS Hasi Bev and Redhair101 BengoFury and Lennaert102 ModifiedDog and hidihi on the stroll back to the camping - in the middle of the sperm fields!

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Zappanale 2009 – Day 3 – Thursday, August 13, 2009

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141 DOOT with special guest bazbo

103 090813 Thursday - Luuk and ModifiedDog waiting for Molli104 Luuk in Molli105 EdLick and StatusBaby in BadDoberan106 hidihi and Luuk enjoying coffee in Bad Doberan107 Molli in the streets of Bad Doberan108 DOOT in rehearsal room111 CheepnisAroma WhatItUsed2B TheEvilPrince and Flambay112 WhatItUsed2B and Luuk113 EdLick sibbz and Flambay114 Zappateers waiting for the tent to be ready117 Lex plays FZ for Zappateers118 Luuk hidihi WhatItUsed2B and wife at the Zappateers bbq119 Jelly Lola and Wan120 unicrayon honours Flambay for all his work for Zappateers121 EdLick Auke Luuk and ModifiedDog waiting for Molli122 Luuk ModifiedDog and hidihi waiting for Molli to go to Bad Doberan123 rubber chicken on DOOT stage124 doot and ke126 MichelDelville Ivan and Steve128 the heart of DOOT - Stephen Chillemni and Pete Brunelli129 doot and ke131 Michel Delville132 Ivan133 DOOT checking out their stuff134 DOOT140 MichelDelville Ivan bazbo and doot143 Stephen Chillemni144 bazbo145 ke148 Stephen Chillemni146 DOOT audience149 DrZurkon NotPedro and unicrayon150 Camarillo and CheepnisAroma151 clockwise - BaldHeadedJohn au3 ParaffinLamp Billy sibbz DebutantDaisy Hasi and PaulusS152 ModifiedDog Luuk Auke and hidihi153 Billy Eric and doot in Gunnars bar154 Billy and Eric sing their glasses while doot Ivan and ke talk156 JohnTheHat JohnTheHatsSon and BritishGentleman157 StatusBaby and prettylady159 Frank Anne and Jeroen in Gunnars Bar160 Ethell and Billy161 Magdalena and Billy singalong162 Zappateers in Gunnars bar163 zymurgy and StatusBaby165 zymurgy and ke166 Zappateers in Gunnars bar167 bazbo kills the sleeping BengoFury

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Zappanale 2009 – Day 4 – Friday, August 14, 2009

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217 Project Object with Ike Willis and Don Preston

170 090814 Friday - ModifiedDog Lex hidihi and Auke171 view from the festival ground172 festival ground173 the camping174 Heiligendamm boulevard175 Heiligendamm boulevard176 Kuehlungsborn - from the pier177 Heiligendamm179 Luuk and ModifiedDog at the pier181 bazbo182 bazbo and ModifiedDog183 Heiligendamm pier184 festival area185 Pfladen187 Captain Cheesebeard

188 Captain Cheesebeard189 Captain Cheesebeard - Johan de Coninck Corsius190 Captain Cheesebeard191 Jazzprojekt Hundehagen192 Bruce Bickford193 Johnthehat reads Irvine Welsh194 Children Of Invention197 Children Of Invention200 Children Of Invention201 Luuk ModifiedDog and EdLick202 zombywoof LudzNL Luuk and ModifiedDog203 Children Of Invention204 Children Of Invention206 Luuk ModifiedDog hidihi Auke and EdLick207 coffee bar208 coffee bar209 Steve Hillage210 Steve Hillage band213 Steve Hillage214 Steve Hillage band215 the rubber fellow onstage with Project Object217 Project Object with Ike Willis and Don Preston218 Andre Chalmondeley219 Ike Willis220 moi222 Ike Willis226 Danny Walley Ike Willis and Andre Chalmondeley228 Eric Svalgard229 TheEvilPrince230 Bobby Martin234 Project Object236 Andre Chalmondeley237 Billy with a device from DerBarsch239 Ike Willis and DrDot240 PaulusS and Hasi241 Bev and PaulusS245 Wet T-shirt Night with DrDot246 Wet T-shirt Night with DrDot247 Project Object with Danny Walley Bobby Martin and Ike Willis249 Danny Walley251 Andre Chalmondeley252 Project Object with Ike Willis and Don Preston253 Project Object goodbye254 Geronimo Black and Ike Willis in Cosmik Debris256 Acid Mothers Guru Guru Gong with David Allen257 Acid Mothers Guru Guru Gong with David Allen258 David Allen259 BowTieDad with Flambay260 Auke and hidihi261 zoot Adam ke Helen and Jelly262 BengoFury and sibbz263 sibbz TheEvilPrince and NotPedro

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Zappanale 2009 – Day 5 – Saturday, August 15, 2009

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329 Bobby Martin and Danny Walley

264 090815 Saturday - bazbos breakfast265 view on the Galop-Rennbahn267 Frank at the coffee bar269 Luuk and bazbo at the camping270 Luuk and bazbo on a zitzak272 Luuk274 Paul Green School Of Rock275 Paul Green School Of Rock276 Paul Green School Of Rock277 keneallyfan Wan and Lex enjoying good coffee278 Paul Green School Of Marionettes279 Luuk gets some suncreame280 We Insist282 We Insist285 Lazuli287 Lazuli288 Lazuli291 Lazuli294 Lazuli296 Lazuli303 Lazuli305 Lazuli goodbye306 Luuk and a sausage309 festival area311 Sheik Yerbouti314 Joerg Heuser316 Sheik Yerbouti with Bobby Martin319 Bobby Martin and Andy Mertens320 Sheik Yerbouti with Bobby Martin322 Bobby Martin323 arfman and BowTieDad324 Bobby Martin328 Danny Walley329 Bobby Martin and Danny Walley331 Sheik Yerbouti with Napoleon Murphy Brock333 Sheik Yerbouti with The Evil Prince334 Sheik Yerbouti with The Evil Prince335 Sheik Yerbouti336 Rob and Tina337 George Rademacher338 George Rademacher339 body painting act340 body painting act342 The Muffin Man343 The Muffin Man344 Danny Walley345 Bobby Martin346 Sheik Yerbouti goodbye347 Sheik Yerbouti goodbye348 Gong with David Allen and Theo Travis349 Gong with David Allen350 Gong with Steve Hillage and David Allen352 Gong with Steve Hillage and David Allen353 hidihi ModifiedDog and Luuk354 GOng with Steve Hillage and David Allen355 David Allen356 David Allen357 Hasi zymurgy and PaulusS358 Sex Without Nails Bros359 Sex Without Nails Bros and FZ360 au3 BengoFury and moi361 YoungPumpkin brought some rotten shark362 StatusBaby CheepnisAroma and Flambay363 sibbz and TheEvilPrince364 zombywoof and YoungPumpkin365 Sharleena BowTieDad and JamesE


Lazuli – encore:

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Zappanale 2009 – Day 6 – Sunday, August 16, 2009

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444 Mats Morgan Band with Bobby Martin, Danny Walley and Ike Willis

366 090816 Sunday - Luuk367 festival area368 Terry Bozzio soundcheck369 Terry Bozzio soundcheck370 Discus371 Discus373 Gnarled Bikers396 The Grande Mothers377 Roy Estrada and Don Preston390 Roy Estrada391 Napoleon Murphy Brock394 Don Preston395 Roy Estrada397 Napoleon Murphy Brock399 Robbie Seahag401 Napoleon Murphy Brock407 Napoleon Murphy Brock409 Robbie Seahag411 Roy Estrada412 Napoleon Murphy Brock413 Don Preston417 Danny Walley415 The Grande Mothers with Danny Walley420 Ike Willis - soundcheck423 Danny Walley and Ike Willis - soundcheck429 Danny Walley with Mats Morgan Band424 Danny Walley with Mats Morgan Band432 Danny Walley with Mats Morgan Band433 ModifiedDog and Luuk enjoy Mats/Morgan/Walley439 Danny Walley with Mats Morgan Band438 Danny Walley441 Rob442 Danny Walley444 Mats Morgan Band with Bobby Martin Danny Walley and Ike Willis450 Bobby Martin451 Bobby Martin461 Ike Willis458 Bobby Martin454 Mats Morgan Band with Bobby Martin Danny Walley and Ike Willis463 Terry Bozzio467 Terry Bozzio469 Bobby Martin and Terry Bozzio become members of honour of the Arf Society471 Aufrichtiges Zappa473 Johannes480 Aufrichtiges Zappa481 Anne and big brother Billy482 Billy rubber chicken abuse tradition483 Billy rubber chicken abuse tradition484 Aufrichtiges Zappa486 Aufrichtiges Zappa488 Aufrichtiges Zappa489 EdLick ModifiedDog and hidihi490 ke Ivan and YoungPumpkin491 YoungPumpkin keneallyfan and Eelco492 sibbz Auke and doot494 Adam LudzNL and EdLick495 StatusBaby and YoungPumpkin496 hidihi StatusBaby Jelly and Helen497 UncleIan and TheIdiotBastard499 EdLick hidihi TheIdiotBastard and Auke


Terry Bozzio (soundcheck): A Series of Six Flute Loops:

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Zappanale 2009 – Day 7 – Monday, August 17, 2009

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516 Molli arrives501 090817 Monday - ModifiedDog and Luuk breaking up the tent502 Auke hidihi and Luuk503 ModifiedDog and YoungPumpkin504 goodbye to the festival area505 leaving - hidihi and Auke start breaking up their tent506 Luuk and ModifiedDog catch Molli507 Luuk in Molli509 bazbo breakfast508 meeting doot on a bike in Bad Doberan511 ModifiedDog and Luuk enjoying coffee at the MeinKampfTheater512 The MeinKampfTheater513 streets of Bad Doberan514 streets of Bad Doberan515 Luuk and ModifiedDog waiting for Molli516 Molli arrives517 Luuk and ModifiedDog on Rostock station518 ModifiedDog checking her cell phone519 Luuk in the train to Hamburg520 Luuk in the train from Hamburg to Osnabrück521 finally some decent Dutch food - kofte with cheese522 Luuk and his shoarma

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