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Zappanale #19 – Day 1, Wednesday – August 13, 2008

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001 080813 Wednesday - ModifiedDog Luuk Billy Ethell start their journey002 Billy and Ethell at Apeldoorn railway station003 Billy and Ethell in the train to Deventer004 Luuk Ethell ModifiedDog and Billy at Deventer railway station005 Billy and Ethell in the train to Osnabruck006 Ethell and ModifiedDog finding out where our seats will be in the train to Hamburg007 Billy and Ethell arriving at Hamburg station008 Moffen009 Brenner Hof hotel in the Brennerstrasse010 Luuk in our hotel room011 Luuk Billy and Ethell at the Binnenalster in Hamburg013 ModifiedDog Luuk Billy and Ethell at the Binnenalster in Hamburg015 Hamburg Binnenalster016 Hamburg Binnenalster018 Waiting for our drinks at Hamburg Binnenalster019 Billy and Ethell - Hamburg Binnenalster020 Luuk - Hamburg Binnenalster Jungfernstieg022 Luuk and Franziskaner Weissbier023 bazbos lunch024 Billy and Ethell having lunch025 Hamburg Jungfernstieg026 Hamburg Rathaus027 swans029 Hamburg Rathaus031 Hamburg - St Nikolai032 Hamburg - St Nikolai033 Hamburg - St Nikolai035 Hamburg - Luuk in St Nikolai elevator036 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai037 Hamburg - vew from St Nikolai - Petrikirche038 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai - Rathaus and Alster039 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai040 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai - Elbe and harbour041 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai042 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai - Elbe and harbour043 Hamburg - picture of St Nikolai after it is bombed in 1945044 Hamburg - St Nikolai045 Hamburg046 Hamburg - Nikolaifleet047 Hamburg - Nikolaifleet049 Hamburg - Deichstrasse051 Hamburg - Rathaus052 Hamburg - Rathaus054 Hamburg - Rathaus055 Hamburg - Rathaus057 Hamburg - Rathaus058 Hamburg - Rathaus059 Hamburg - Rathaus060 Hamburg - square in front of Rathaus061 Hamburg - dinner time062 Hamburg - bazbos dinner - kebab063 Hamburg - Petrikirche064 Hamburg - Nikolaifleet065 Hamburg -  Erdinger in the Deichstrasse067 Hamburg - Luuk in the Deichstrasse068 Hamburg - Nikolaifleet and St Katharinenkirche069 Hamburg -  St Katharinekirche075 Hamburg - Bogus Pomp077 Hamburg - Napoleon Murphy Brock079 Hamburg - Bogus Pomp with Napoleon Murphy Brock081 Hamburg - Bogus Pomp with Napoleon Murphy Brock083 Hamburg - ModifiedDog and bazbo084 Hamburg - ModifiedDog and Luuk085 Hamburg - Napoleon Murphy Brock086 Hamburg - on our way to Finnigans Wake087 Hamburg - with StatusBaby in Finnigans Wake088 Hamburg - John UncleIan and StatusBaby in Finnigans Wake089 Hamburg - Ethell Billy John UncleIan and StatusBaby in Finnigans Wake090 Hamburg - ModifiedDog and Luuk in Finnigans Wake091 Hamburg - a rubber chicken in Finnigans Wake092 Hamburg - Ethell and Billy in Finnigans Wake

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Zappanale #19 – Day 2, Thursday – August 14, 2008

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093 080814 Thursday - Hamburg - preparing breakfast in the hotel094 Hamburg - bazbos breakfast096 Billy and Ethell having breakfast097 Hamburg railway station098 Luuk in the train to Rostock099 Ethell Billy Luuk and ModifiedDog in the train from Rostock to Bad Doberan100 Luuk and ModifiedDog in Molli101 arriving at the camping - BowTieDad and Billy102 BowTieDad and arfevelynarf103 meeting everyone again104 ModifiedDog Luuk and LudzNL105 BengoFury106 Ethell and Billy trying to lay down the plastic carpet107 Ethell decides it wont work108 Billy with a hammer109 Ethell doing final decorations110 Luuk and ModifiedDog have finished our tent too112 Luuk ModifiedDog and ke113 au3 BengoFury and DrZurkon114 StatusBaby UniMuta and unicrayon115 BowTieDad surrounded by Germans116 HairZ117 Luuk helping to build up another Zappateers tent118 Luuk120 LudzNL AllanZappa and zymurgy121 Billy sucking a beer and Ethell  sucking her thumb122 BengoFury BowTieDad HairZ TittiesBeer and Bev123 Luuk124 BowTieDad John au3 and UncleIan125 ModifiedDog and Luuk in the MeinKampfTheater in Bad Doberan126 Ethell Billy and unholm127 Luuks dinner128 bazbos dinner129 rubber chicken at Fritz Rau lecture133 and the only FZ tune played was Bobby Brown134 unholm Ethell and Billy in the MeinKampfTheater135 great billboard of FZ show137 Denny Walley138 ModifiedDog and Ob139 Billy and Ethell140 ParaffinLamp141 Maryse and ModifiedDog142 BowTieDad and LudzNL143 BowTieDad144 Aufrichtiges Zappa146 Aufrichtiges Zappa147 Aufrichtiges Zappa148 Aufrichtiges Zappa145 Aufrichtiges Zappa149 EdLick and young German150 hidihi and DrZurkon151 PrincessHelen and hidihi152 sibbz and DrZurkon153 ModifiedDog Luuk and PrincessHelen154 albezap155 DebutantDaisy Doochess and USA friend156 ModifiedDog and John157 Ob and Dirk158 German fan Camarillo and DrZurkon159 Adam John and PrincessHelen161 UncleIan unknown and IdiotBastard162 Luuk and Wim

163 Zappanale warm up party at the MeinKampfTheater in Bad Doberan164 EdLick165 back at the camping - Bernard hidihi and Ob166 ModifiedDog James and Bernard

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Zappanale #19 – Day 3, Friday – August 15, 2008

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167 080815 Friday - Luuk and ModifiedDog168 bazbo171 Luuk ModifiedDog Jelly EdLick and hidihi waiting for Molli172 EdLick and Molli173 the camping area174 ModifiedDog and hidihi176 bazbos breakfast177 Jelly Luuk hidihi and EdLick outside Stadtbaeckerei Molli Cafe178 hidihi Jelly EdLick Luuk and ModifiedDog in the streets of Bad Doberan179 Molli and EdLick in the streets of Bad Doberan180 statue of Frank Zappa182 bazbo and FZ185 Jelly and hidihi at the festival ground186 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve188 Ob190 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve191 Anti Agression Action Band - ke192 Anti Agression Action Band - Kilissa193 Anti Agression Action Band - Stephen198 Anti Agression Action Band - Jerry Outlaw205 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve206 Luuk and ModifiedDog207 ModifiedDog hidihi and Maryse208 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve with rubber chicken211 Ob214 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve and Jerry Outlaw217 Anti Agression Action Band - ke218 Anti Agression Action Band - Jerry Outlaw and ke220 The Wrong Object221 Jelly recording223 ModifiedDog Luuk and EdLick224 ModifiedDog bazbo and EdLick225 Paulu$ AllanZappa and Hasi226 The Wrong Object - Laurent227 The Wrong Object228 The Wrong Object - Fred229 The Wrong Object - Damien233 The Wrong Object - Michel238 Stace from USA242 Stanley Jason Zappa244 Stanley Jason Zappa245 BaldHeadedJohn tries to look taller248 StatusBaby Kilissa BowTieDad and ke251 Stace and the other USA friend253 albezap hidihi and ModifiedDog254 nice shirt257 Jelly and ke258 Kilissa Stace and the other USA friend260 EdLick is still taller than Magdalena and Bev261 zymurgy and Ob262 zymurgy ParaffinLamp and Ob263 Jelly and ke264 EdLick albezap and BaldHeadedJohn265 hidihi ke and StatusBaby266 jelly ke and ModifiedDog267 hidihi albezap and BaldHeadedJohn268 teaman Magdalena and Bev269 BaldHeadedJohn and teaman272 Gamma with rubber chicken273 Denny Walley with PGSoR276 PGSoR angry girlie279 Paul Green School Of Rock282 Denny Walley with PGSoR285 Jelly and Luuk286 Paul Green School of Rock287 Paul Green School of Rock289 Denny Walley with PGSoR291 PGSoR girlie294 Denny Walley and Napoleon Murphy Brock296 German loonie299 German fan301 German fan and Gamma302 Paul Green School of Rock with Napoleon Murphy Brock303 festival area304 bazbos pizza dinner305 zymurgy Paulu$ and Luuk307 Indukti308 Dixi meat service309 StatusBaby making an announcement310 StatusBaby making another announcement in the Zappateers tent311 someone didn't have breakfast at the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen312 Billy and Ob313 Ob ParaffinLamp WrongObjectsMichel and albezap315 DrZurkon and ModifiedDog316 Hasi zymurgy and German guest317 HairZ and Ob320 Bogus Pomp - Jerry Outlaw321 bazbo and Steve in the Bogus Pomp crowd322 Ethell EdLick and Billy324 Bogus Pomp327 Ethell and Billy330 Luuk and Steve333 bazbo is headbanging341 Bogus Pomp342 sibbz EdLick and hidihi in the Zappateers tent345 NotPedro and unicrayon348 Paulu$ and BaldHeadedJohn349 Doochess and DebutantDaisy351 Electric Orange

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Zappanale #19 – Day 4, Saturday – August 16, 2008

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352 080816 Saturday ModifiedDog hidihi and EdLick waiting for Molli354 Billy355 hidihi ModifiedDog Luuk and EdLick in Heiligendamm356 Heiligendamm boulevard357 ModifiedDog and EdLick358 Heiligendamm hotel359 Heiligendamm sea side360 Heiligendamm sea side362 ModifiedDog on Heiligendamm pier364 Luuk and ModifiedDog on Heiligendamm pier365 Heiligendamm hotel369 EdLick at Heiligendamm pier370 Luuk at Heiligendamm pier372 hidihi and EdLick373 Luuk and ModifiedDog trying to scare away wasps375 ModifiedDog Luuk and EdLick at Heiligendamm station376 ModifiedDog Luuk and EdLick at Heiligendamm station377 EdLick and Mollis at Heiligendamm station378 ModifiedDog and Luuk in Molli379 Banner at the Zappateers Tent381 bazbos lunch382 Luuk and ModifiedDog lunch383 Panzerballet384 Elliot Levin trio385 Elliot Levin387 NotPedro unicrayon and Ob388 hidihi NotWhatItUsed2B and LudzNL389 Luuk and ModifiedDog390 ParaffinLamp and Ob391 Ob393 ParaffinLamp Lennaert and unicrayon395 Ob Paulu$ and ParaffinLamp396 Delicious Band Research Kitchen398 unholm Ob ParaffinLamp and unicrayon399 Luuk and Ob401 unholm Billy Ethell ParaffinLamp Ob and EdLick402 ParaffinLamp Ob EdLick unicrayon and NotPedro405 Marco and Billy406 Ob dancing411 Ob unholm and ParaffinLamp413 Billy and Ob414 ModifiedDog Paulu$ and Luuk415 ModifiedDog and Luuk416 Doochess and DebutantDaisy onstage417 Low Budget Research Kitchen from Portugal419 Martin and Hasi420 DebutantDaisy on stage423 Low Budget Research Kitchen - drummer that looks like MrBean424 Low Budget Research Kitchen425 Low Budget Research Kitchen432 Low Budget Research Kitchen433 unicrayon and EdLick435 Low Budget Research Kitchen437 unicrayon and Luuk438 Low Budget Research Kitchen goodbye443 Jim Cohen447 Doochess DebutantDaisy Paulu$ and Hasi448 Gamma onstage450 Gamma BenWatson and Iris doing the quiz451 BengoFury BowTieDad and Doochess452 Stanley Jason Zappa and bazbo455 BowTieDad DebutantDaisy and Doochess458 late afternoon entrance450 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland451 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland459 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland460 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland461 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland462 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland467 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland468 Ob470 Zappa-Zirkus475 Zappa-Zirkus471 Ob472 bazbo477 StatusBaby and young Australian birthday boy480 zymurgy and StatusBaby481 Ob Billy ParaffinLamp and Ethell483 PGSoR plays Yes484 PGSoR plays Yes485 PGSoR plays Yes488 Paulu$ and ModifiedDog491 PGSoR plays Yes - I've Seen All Good People492 PGSoR encore494 BowTieDad StatusBaby and ModifiedDog495 Paulu$ and ModifiedDog

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Zappanale #19 – Day 5, Sunday – August 17, 2008

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486 080817 Sunday - bazbos breakfast497 UZVA498 UZVA500 camping area501 ModifiedDog and UniMuta502 UZVA guitarists and BowTieDad503 Ob504 Jazz Projekt Hundehagen505 HairZ and BaldHeadedJohn506 PrincessHelen and Adam507 au3 and BengoFury508 Festival area509 Festival area510 Festival area511 Festival area512 Jelly hidihi and EdLick watching pictures513 Fattore Zeta515 Fattore Zeta516 EdLick and Luuk519 Fattore Zeta - Jacopo Guisti520 Fattore Zeta - Giorgio Tourasi521 Fattore Zeta522 Fattore Zeta - Jacopo Giusti524 Fattore Zeta - Federico Pistelli526 Luuk and hidihi527 Ethell528 Luuk529 Stanley Jason Zappa530 Stanley Jason Zappa531 Stanley Jason Zappa532 Gamma is inspired by the music533 Stanley Jason Zappa535 Kilissa and unholm watching the review from Friday536 Stanley Jason Zappa537 Cotton Ponies538 HairZ with Frederico Pistelli and Jacopo Giusti from Fattore Zeta539 Martin and Barsch540 BaldHeadedJohn wins a prize in Ben Watsons quiz543 Adam PrincessHelen IdiotBastard zymurgy UncleIan John and Kilissa544 John Kilissa moi Paulu$ and Hasi548 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band552 Ob in typical Zappanale pose554 Luuk and EdLick556 ParaffinLamp560 Napoleon Murphy Brock563 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band with Napoleon Murphy Brock and Denny Walley567 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band with Napoleon Murphy Brock and Denny Walley569 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band with Napoleon Murphy Brock571 ModifiedDog hidihi and Ethell572 Billy and StatusBaby576 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band with Stanley Jason Zappa577 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band581 Finale582 Finale - Denny Walley584 Finale586 Finale589 Finale591 Aufrichtiges Zappa - Johannes with rubber chicken592 Ob filming Aufrichtiges Zappa593 Aufrichtiges Zappa - Jophannes594 Aufrichtiges Zappa595 ParaffinLamp596 Billy rubber chicken abuse597 Billy rubber chicken abuse598 Billy rubber chicken abuse599 Billy rubber chicken abuse601 Aufrichtiges Zappa audience603 Aufrichtiges Zappa encore604 unholm filming Aufrichtiges Zappa605 ParaffinLamp606 Ob and ModifiedDog607 DebutantDaisy and BowTieDad608 EdLick NotPedro and Lennart609 Jelly unicrayon James and Lennart610 BowTieDad and ParaffinLamp611 Ob unicrayon and CheepnisAroma613 ParaffinLamp Ethell Billy and Ob614 StatusBaby615 EdLick ModifiedDog UniMuta and DrZurkon616 DrZurkon hidihi and EdLick617 Sharleena and sibbz

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Zappanale #19 – Day 6, Monday – August 18, 2008

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618 080818 Monday - festival area619 Billy and Ethell620 festival area621 breaking down the Zappateers tent622 breaking down the Zappateers tent623 leftovers624 breaking down the Zappateers tent625 Billy and Ethell going home626 Jellys camper going home628 ModifiedDog Ethell PrincessHelen Adam and Dirk waiting for Molli630 Billy and Ethell in Molli631 Luuk and Billy in Bad Doberan632 meeting Magdalena and BaldHeadedJohn in the MeinKampfTheater in Bad Doberan633 Bev HairZ and Magdalena634 TittiesNBeer Bev James and Magdalena635 BaldHeadedJohn Billy and Ethell636 HairZ Bev James and Magdalena637 Ethell Billy and Luuk enjoying spaghetti638 James BaldHeadedJohn HairZ and teaman in fron tof CafeZ639 ModifiedDog Luuk Billy and Ethell waiting for Molli640 Luuk waiting for Molli641 Molli arrives642 Ethell ModifiedDog and Luuk in Molli643 Molli644 Hamburg645 Billy in the train to Hannover646 Ethell and Billy having dinner in Hannover647 Luuk and ModifiedDog waiting for the bus to bring them home648 Luuk in the bus home

Zappanale Abschied

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