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Amsterdam Klezmer Band – Paradiso, Amsterdam – Thursday, January 19, 2012

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The Amsterdam Klezmer Band had something to celebrate. Their 15th anniversary, their 1000th concert and their anniversary cd release party!

Thankz to Joop van der Linden (trombone) and youngpumpkin (company, bed & breakfast)

You’ll find links to my YouTube videos at the bottom of this post.



01 Kolbaszok

02 Di Naie Chuppe

03 Fryske Bulgar

04 Magnificent Seven (medley)

05 Desert Banjo (cut)

06 Oscar’s Cocek

07 Op Een Goppe

08 Katla

09 Limonchiki

10 Terk

• • •


Amsterdam Klezmer Band – Theater Op ’t Zand, Kootwijk – Saturday, July 2, 2011

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A very nice concert by The Amsterdam Klezmer Band on a very nice venue at the Kootwijkerzand. Sadly, Joop van der Linden couldn’t make it to play trombone in the line up this evening. Still, the music was very good and made a lot of people happy. Including us.
Thankz to Robert & Marja for the lift and the food and the opportunity, and to Richard & Nora for their company.

Click on each picture to see the full-size and sharp picture!
Watch the YouTube videos! You’ll find them at the bottom of this post.

For our Dutch readers: mijn recensie op ApeldoornDirect staat hier.



Los Del Sol – Horses

01 AKB 01

02 7/16 medley

03 ‘Klezmer ska’

04 AKB 04

05 AKB 05

06 AKB 06 medley of 2 songs

07 AKB 07 end piece

08 Limonchiki (Encore)

• • •