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Mosae Zappa festival & Dweezil Zappa – Landgraaf & Heerlen – dag 1 – vrijdag 29 november 2019

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Mosae Zappa festival & Dweezil Zappa – Landgraaf & Heerlen – dag 2 – zaterdag 30 november

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Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow
Peaches En Regalia
Willie The Pimp
Son Of Mr. Green Genes
Little Umbrellas
The Gumbo Variations
It Must Be A Camel
Teen-Age Wind
I’m Not Satisfied
Bogus Pomp
Penis Dimension
My Sharona
Who Needs The Peace Corps?
Bamboozled By Love
Brown Moses
Heavenly Bank Account
I’m A Beautiful Guy
Beauty Knows No Pain
Charlie’s Enormous Mouth
Any Downers?
Pick Me, I’m Clean
Here Lies Love
Twinkle Tits
Dupree’s Paradise
Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus
Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy

I’m The Slime
Tears Began to Fall

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Mosae Zappa festival 2017 – dag 1: zaterdag 24 november 2017 – Café Bluff, Heerlen

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Mosae Zappa festival 2017 – dag 2: zaterdag 25 november 2017 – Coasters, Heerlen + Oefenbunker, Landgraaf

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Mosae Zappa festival – Dag 1: vrijdag 25 november 2016 – Heerlen

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001-161125-station-apeldoorn 002-hotelkamer-in-heerlen

005-hotelkamer-met-vip-tas 006-hotelkamer

007-hotel-in-heerlen 008-in-de-kromme-toeter-e-hidihi-auke-ethell-paulus-hasi-grace

009-carnaval 010-wachten-op-eten-paulus-e-billy-ethell-eelco-grace-jessica-hasi-hidihi-auke

011-indo-eten 012-paulus-e-billy-ethell-eelco-grace-jessica-hasi-hidihi-auke

014-toko-patja 015-cafe-bluff

016-dj-billy 017-sjonnie-billy

018-petjep-sjonnie-paulus 022-mosae-zappa-organisatie-sjonnie-marco-billy

024-petjep 025-petjep-in-cafe-bluff

026-petjep 027-cafe-bluff

029-petjep-ludznl-e-hidihi-mstgv-grace-jan-dave-petter 030-petjep-lusznl-ethell-e

031-billy 032-sjonnie-billy

034-sjonnie-billy 035-terug-naar-hotel

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Mosae Zappa festival – Dag 2: zaterdag 26 november 2016 – Heerlen en Landgraaf

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036-161126-zaterdag-het-geweldige-uitzicht-vanaf-hotelkamer 038-hotel

039-wilhelminaplein 040-pancratiusplein

041-ontbijt-in-de-kromme-toeter 042-satisfaction-records-aan-de-oranje-nassaustraat

043-gong-aan-het-raadhuisplein 044-raadhuiplein

045-geleenstraat 046-coasters

047-cake-in-coasters 048-zappa-cake

049-antoine-putz-in-coasters 050-antoine-putz

053-antoine-putz 054-antoine-putz

055-antoine-putz 056-antoine-putz

057-coasters 058-antoine-putz

059-antoine-putz 060-antoine-putz

061-antoine-putz 062-coasters

063-hidihi-dagmar-auke 064-antoine-putz

065-coasters 066

067-luc-hidihi-dagmar 068-petter-auke-e

069-lamshazen 070-dagmar-petter-auke

071-hidihi-dagmar 072-de-oefenbunker-in-landgraaf

073-de-oefenbunker-in-landgraaf 074-de-oefenbunker-in-landgraaf

075-opening-sjonnie-billy 076-billy

077-johns-got-a-sausage 078-johns-got-a-sausage

081-johns-got-a-sausage 082-johns-got-a-sausage

083-johns-got-a-sausage 085-johns-got-a-sausage

088-johns-got-a-sausage 089-johns-got-a-sausage

092-johns-got-a-sausage 093-sjonnie

094-sjonnie-billy 095-billy

096-the-wrong-object 098-the-wrong-object

100-the-wrong-object 104-the-wrong-object

102-the-wrong-object 103-the-wrong-object

105-the-wrong-object 106-the-wrong-object

108-the-wrong-object 109-the-wrong-object

112-the-wrong-object 114-the-wrong-object

115-the-wrong-object 116-the-wrong-object

118-the-wrong-object 119-the-wrong-object

120-the-wrong-object 125-bits-from-hell

126-bits-from-hell 127-bits-from-hell

128-the-foolz 129-the-foolz

132-the-foolz 133-the-foolz

134-wan 135-billy

136-marco 138-billy

139-the-foolz 140-lex

141-lex 143-lex-marco

144-the-foolz 146-the-foolz

147-the-foolz 149-remco

151-billy 152-billy

155-pedro 158-pedro

160-the-foolz 161-e-eric-hilda

162-e-eric-hilda 163-de-oefenbunker-in-landgraaf

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Mosae Zappa – Cultuurhuis, Heerlen – Day 1: Friday, June 1, 2012

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Too bad Corrie van Binsbergen couldn’t make it, because of her broken hand. On the other hand, now we got Michel Delville and Laurent Delchambre (from The Wrong Object) with Guy Segers, a very good bass player, and a stunning improvised power trio set.
The Muze Jazz Orchestra played a wonderful concert. Nice brass section and a stunning percussionist.

au3 LudzNL BaldHeadedJohn & Magdalena


01 Mosae Orchestra: The Gumbo Variations

02 Mosae Orchestra: Treacherous Cretins

03 Mosae Orchestra: Tengo Na Minchia Tanta

04 The Muze Jazz Orchestra: Zomby Woof

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Mosae Zappa – Cultuurhuis, Heerlen – Day 2: Saturday, June 2, 2012

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Unbelievable stage debut by the Lex L. Bronkowitz Orchestra. He (and his amazing band) can play for real!
Grupo Go is a party brass band that you should have on your marriage party. What you’re already married? Get divorced as quickly as possible!
Peach Noise offered us two hours of rocking FZ!


05 Lex L. Bronkowitz Orchestra: Music is the best

06 Lex L. Bronkowitz Orchestra: Uncle Remus

07 Lex L. Bronkowitz Orchestra: Outside Now

08 Grupo Go: Studio Sport (fragment)

09 Grupo Go: Dirty Love – Zomby Woof

10 Grupo Go: 007 (James Bond Theme)

11 Grupo Go: Open Up A Drink

12 Peach Noise: Muffin Man – King Kong

13 Peach Noise: Zoot Allures (cut)



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