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Zappanale #19 – Day 1, Wednesday – August 13, 2008

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001 080813 Wednesday - ModifiedDog Luuk Billy Ethell start their journey002 Billy and Ethell at Apeldoorn railway station003 Billy and Ethell in the train to Deventer004 Luuk Ethell ModifiedDog and Billy at Deventer railway station005 Billy and Ethell in the train to Osnabruck006 Ethell and ModifiedDog finding out where our seats will be in the train to Hamburg007 Billy and Ethell arriving at Hamburg station008 Moffen009 Brenner Hof hotel in the Brennerstrasse010 Luuk in our hotel room011 Luuk Billy and Ethell at the Binnenalster in Hamburg013 ModifiedDog Luuk Billy and Ethell at the Binnenalster in Hamburg015 Hamburg Binnenalster016 Hamburg Binnenalster018 Waiting for our drinks at Hamburg Binnenalster019 Billy and Ethell - Hamburg Binnenalster020 Luuk - Hamburg Binnenalster Jungfernstieg022 Luuk and Franziskaner Weissbier023 bazbos lunch024 Billy and Ethell having lunch025 Hamburg Jungfernstieg026 Hamburg Rathaus027 swans029 Hamburg Rathaus031 Hamburg - St Nikolai032 Hamburg - St Nikolai033 Hamburg - St Nikolai035 Hamburg - Luuk in St Nikolai elevator036 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai037 Hamburg - vew from St Nikolai - Petrikirche038 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai - Rathaus and Alster039 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai040 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai - Elbe and harbour041 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai042 Hamburg - view from St Nikolai - Elbe and harbour043 Hamburg - picture of St Nikolai after it is bombed in 1945044 Hamburg - St Nikolai045 Hamburg046 Hamburg - Nikolaifleet047 Hamburg - Nikolaifleet049 Hamburg - Deichstrasse051 Hamburg - Rathaus052 Hamburg - Rathaus054 Hamburg - Rathaus055 Hamburg - Rathaus057 Hamburg - Rathaus058 Hamburg - Rathaus059 Hamburg - Rathaus060 Hamburg - square in front of Rathaus061 Hamburg - dinner time062 Hamburg - bazbos dinner - kebab063 Hamburg - Petrikirche064 Hamburg - Nikolaifleet065 Hamburg -  Erdinger in the Deichstrasse067 Hamburg - Luuk in the Deichstrasse068 Hamburg - Nikolaifleet and St Katharinenkirche069 Hamburg -  St Katharinekirche075 Hamburg - Bogus Pomp077 Hamburg - Napoleon Murphy Brock079 Hamburg - Bogus Pomp with Napoleon Murphy Brock081 Hamburg - Bogus Pomp with Napoleon Murphy Brock083 Hamburg - ModifiedDog and bazbo084 Hamburg - ModifiedDog and Luuk085 Hamburg - Napoleon Murphy Brock086 Hamburg - on our way to Finnigans Wake087 Hamburg - with StatusBaby in Finnigans Wake088 Hamburg - John UncleIan and StatusBaby in Finnigans Wake089 Hamburg - Ethell Billy John UncleIan and StatusBaby in Finnigans Wake090 Hamburg - ModifiedDog and Luuk in Finnigans Wake091 Hamburg - a rubber chicken in Finnigans Wake092 Hamburg - Ethell and Billy in Finnigans Wake

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