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Zappanale #19 – Day 2, Thursday – August 14, 2008

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093 080814 Thursday - Hamburg - preparing breakfast in the hotel094 Hamburg - bazbos breakfast096 Billy and Ethell having breakfast097 Hamburg railway station098 Luuk in the train to Rostock099 Ethell Billy Luuk and ModifiedDog in the train from Rostock to Bad Doberan100 Luuk and ModifiedDog in Molli101 arriving at the camping - BowTieDad and Billy102 BowTieDad and arfevelynarf103 meeting everyone again104 ModifiedDog Luuk and LudzNL105 BengoFury106 Ethell and Billy trying to lay down the plastic carpet107 Ethell decides it wont work108 Billy with a hammer109 Ethell doing final decorations110 Luuk and ModifiedDog have finished our tent too112 Luuk ModifiedDog and ke113 au3 BengoFury and DrZurkon114 StatusBaby UniMuta and unicrayon115 BowTieDad surrounded by Germans116 HairZ117 Luuk helping to build up another Zappateers tent118 Luuk120 LudzNL AllanZappa and zymurgy121 Billy sucking a beer and Ethell  sucking her thumb122 BengoFury BowTieDad HairZ TittiesBeer and Bev123 Luuk124 BowTieDad John au3 and UncleIan125 ModifiedDog and Luuk in the MeinKampfTheater in Bad Doberan126 Ethell Billy and unholm127 Luuks dinner128 bazbos dinner129 rubber chicken at Fritz Rau lecture133 and the only FZ tune played was Bobby Brown134 unholm Ethell and Billy in the MeinKampfTheater135 great billboard of FZ show137 Denny Walley138 ModifiedDog and Ob139 Billy and Ethell140 ParaffinLamp141 Maryse and ModifiedDog142 BowTieDad and LudzNL143 BowTieDad144 Aufrichtiges Zappa146 Aufrichtiges Zappa147 Aufrichtiges Zappa148 Aufrichtiges Zappa145 Aufrichtiges Zappa149 EdLick and young German150 hidihi and DrZurkon151 PrincessHelen and hidihi152 sibbz and DrZurkon153 ModifiedDog Luuk and PrincessHelen154 albezap155 DebutantDaisy Doochess and USA friend156 ModifiedDog and John157 Ob and Dirk158 German fan Camarillo and DrZurkon159 Adam John and PrincessHelen161 UncleIan unknown and IdiotBastard162 Luuk and Wim

163 Zappanale warm up party at the MeinKampfTheater in Bad Doberan164 EdLick165 back at the camping - Bernard hidihi and Ob166 ModifiedDog James and Bernard

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