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Zappanale #19 – Day 4, Saturday – August 16, 2008

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352 080816 Saturday ModifiedDog hidihi and EdLick waiting for Molli354 Billy355 hidihi ModifiedDog Luuk and EdLick in Heiligendamm356 Heiligendamm boulevard357 ModifiedDog and EdLick358 Heiligendamm hotel359 Heiligendamm sea side360 Heiligendamm sea side362 ModifiedDog on Heiligendamm pier364 Luuk and ModifiedDog on Heiligendamm pier365 Heiligendamm hotel369 EdLick at Heiligendamm pier370 Luuk at Heiligendamm pier372 hidihi and EdLick373 Luuk and ModifiedDog trying to scare away wasps375 ModifiedDog Luuk and EdLick at Heiligendamm station376 ModifiedDog Luuk and EdLick at Heiligendamm station377 EdLick and Mollis at Heiligendamm station378 ModifiedDog and Luuk in Molli379 Banner at the Zappateers Tent381 bazbos lunch382 Luuk and ModifiedDog lunch383 Panzerballet384 Elliot Levin trio385 Elliot Levin387 NotPedro unicrayon and Ob388 hidihi NotWhatItUsed2B and LudzNL389 Luuk and ModifiedDog390 ParaffinLamp and Ob391 Ob393 ParaffinLamp Lennaert and unicrayon395 Ob Paulu$ and ParaffinLamp396 Delicious Band Research Kitchen398 unholm Ob ParaffinLamp and unicrayon399 Luuk and Ob401 unholm Billy Ethell ParaffinLamp Ob and EdLick402 ParaffinLamp Ob EdLick unicrayon and NotPedro405 Marco and Billy406 Ob dancing411 Ob unholm and ParaffinLamp413 Billy and Ob414 ModifiedDog Paulu$ and Luuk415 ModifiedDog and Luuk416 Doochess and DebutantDaisy onstage417 Low Budget Research Kitchen from Portugal419 Martin and Hasi420 DebutantDaisy on stage423 Low Budget Research Kitchen - drummer that looks like MrBean424 Low Budget Research Kitchen425 Low Budget Research Kitchen432 Low Budget Research Kitchen433 unicrayon and EdLick435 Low Budget Research Kitchen437 unicrayon and Luuk438 Low Budget Research Kitchen goodbye443 Jim Cohen447 Doochess DebutantDaisy Paulu$ and Hasi448 Gamma onstage450 Gamma BenWatson and Iris doing the quiz451 BengoFury BowTieDad and Doochess452 Stanley Jason Zappa and bazbo455 BowTieDad DebutantDaisy and Doochess458 late afternoon entrance450 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland451 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland459 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland460 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland461 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland462 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland467 Alamaailman Vasarat from Finland468 Ob470 Zappa-Zirkus475 Zappa-Zirkus471 Ob472 bazbo477 StatusBaby and young Australian birthday boy480 zymurgy and StatusBaby481 Ob Billy ParaffinLamp and Ethell483 PGSoR plays Yes484 PGSoR plays Yes485 PGSoR plays Yes488 Paulu$ and ModifiedDog491 PGSoR plays Yes - I've Seen All Good People492 PGSoR encore494 BowTieDad StatusBaby and ModifiedDog495 Paulu$ and ModifiedDog

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