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Zappateers Party – Day 3 – Saturday, November 15, 2008 – Bradford-on-Avon, Lacock, Bristol

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195 Bradford-on-Avon

172 081115 Saturday - bazbos breakfast173 Fish and BowTieDad having breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast174 Zappateers breakfast with Lisa175 Ob LudzNL Linnea and HairZ having breakfast176 Bowden House in Melksham177 Bowden House in Melksham179 Melksham180 ModifiedDog waiting for the bus in Melksham181 Trowbridge182 Bradford-on-Avon183 Bradford-on-Avon184 Bradford-on-Avon186 Bradford-on-Avon187 Bradford-on-Avon188 Bradford-on-Avon190 check the Dutch Amstel beer in this pub in Bradford-on-Avon191 ModifiedDogs and bazbos lunch192 Bradford-on-Avon193 Bradford-on-Avon194 Bradford-on-Avon195 Bradford-on-Avon196 The George in Bradford-on-Avon197 The George198 The George199 The George in Bradford-on-Avon201 Linnea and ModifiedDog202 SteamingPig and TheEvilPrince205 OBRK and LudzNL206 Mike Scott207 BowTieDad fettes Brot 2004208 Hasi remembers your shoe size210 Leather J211 PA man - Ob thinks his name is Mike Level212 Zappateers - clockwise - unicrayon au3 BengoFury Linnea ModifiedDog TheEvilPrince SteamingPig and Ob213 Jim got a Zappateers shirt214 OBRK215 nice plaquette218 OBRK and Clint219 unicrayons scones with cotton cream and strawberry jam220 unicrayons scone with bazbos chili cheese221 Billy in the Lowground222 Zappateers models - Bev BaldHeadedJohn SteamingPig and au3223 Zappateers models - Bev BaldHeadedJohn Paulu$ SteamingPig and au3224 Zappateers models clockwise - Bev BaldHeadedJohn HairZ SteamingPig and au3227 Zappateers models clockwise - Bev BaldHeadedJohn ModifiedDog SteamingPig and au3230 Zappateers models Linnea and clockwise Bev BaldHeadedJohn bazbo SteamingPig and au3233 Zappateers models clockwise - Bev Linnea BaldHeadedJohn SteamingPig and au3235 TheEvilPrince and CheepnisAroma236 CheepnisAroma headBengoFury and au3238 BowTieDad BengoFury au3 CheepnisAroma SteamingPig and ModifiedDog241 unicrayon and BengoFury242 Trebuchet singer243 Trebuchet245 Trebuchet singer246 bar maid with familiar shirt248 BengoFury parties like crazy250 BaldHeadedJohn Magdalena HairZ and BengoFury party like crazy252 bazbo255 Zappaoke with Paulu$ zymurgy Magdalena HairZ and BowTieDad259 Ob MofifiedDog BengoFury and au3 having chili260 bazbos chili263 bazbo introduces the English story from his book264 bazbo reads from his book265 bazbo reads from his book266 bazbos reading audience267 Burger And The Beasts270 OBRK271 Burger And The Beasts272 Burger And The Beasts273 Burger And The Beasts275 Burger And The Beasts - Simon280 BengoFury trying to read the bazbook281 zymurgy282 zymurgy LudzNL and BengoFury283 Ob measuring Paulu$ sausage285 Paulu$ and zymurgy286 Paulu$ and zymurgy288 Beyond The Pale289 rubber chicken abuse289 zymurgy290 SteamingPig is tired291 SteamingPig and TheEvilPrince292 Bev and BowTieDad

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