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Yellow Snow Festival – Larvik, Norway – Day 2 – Saturday, January 30, 2010

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132 Roddie

060 100130 Saturday - bazbos breakfast - BROWN CHEESE!061 Johnthehat Ob au3 Bev & Clint after breakfast062 view from our hotel room063 Larvik lagoon064 Quality Hotel Grand Farris066 in Larvik068 Larvik shop069 Larvik town centre070 Larvik town centre071 Larvik073 Larvik lagoon074 Larvik lagoon & Luuk076 Larvik079 Larvik town centre080 lunchroom081 bazbos lunch - boboli med feta ogst082 announcement in local newspaper083 Larvik town centre085 Larvik lagoon in fog086 Larvik077 Borgen Kulturhus - the venue087 ukelele orchestra plays the Beatles089 Jono El Grande090 Jono El Grande094 ModifiedDog & Luuk having tea in the Kulturhus092 Larvik lagoon from the Kulturhus093 Larvik from the Kulturhus095 ModifiedDog & Luuk in the Borgen Kulturhus096 Eric Bev & BaldHeadedJohn097 Clint au3 & Bev098 strange find at the record fair099 introduksjon100 introduksjon102 lecture103 waiting for food - Magdalena LudzNL Bev PauluS & Clint105 waiting for food106 bazbos burger dinner107 Dead Dino Storage109 Dead Dino Storage111 Dead Dino Storage112 PauluS Hasi & Kersten113 Dead Dino Storage114 Dead Dino Storage115 Dead Dino Storage116 Dead Dino Storage117 Dead Dino Storage118 Dead Dino Storage122 au3 BaldHeadedJohn Magdalena & nicenorwegian123 Eric and Roddie124 the Muffin Men set list119 The Muffin Men - rubber chicken & Jumpy120 The Muffin Men - Waco121 The Muffin Men - Jumpy Rhino & Roddie125 Roddie126 Mike Smith128 Rhino127 The Muffin Men134 Jumpy133 Roddie130 Rhino138 Mike Smith135 Jumpy141 The Muffin Men

136 Jumpy140 The Muffin Men144 Rhino139 Mike Smith142 The Muffin Men137 Jumpy143 The Muffin Men - encore145 Roddie146 The Muffin Men encore - Mike Smith151 Roddie147 Mike Smith150 Roddie


Snow storm in Larvik –

Jono El Grande (1) –

Jono El Grande (2) –

Jono El Grande (3) –

Dead Dino Storage – 01 Montana –

Dead Dino Storage – 02 I’m The Slime –

The Muffin Men – 01 Peaches En Regalia –

The Muffin Men – 02 Pygmy Twylyte (cut) –


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  1. Sykehus?

    Lees het als een ‘Maastrichtenaar’ en je komt er zeker ! 🙂

    Reactie by Philippe — 26-02-2010 @ 16:40

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