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Zappanale 2010 – Day 4 – Sunday, August 15, 2010

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355 Zappanale finale250 100815 Sunday - breakfast room251 Luuk and bazbos breakfast252 Friedrich Franz Palais hotel Am Kamp253 our neighbours254 Waiting for Molli in Bad Doberan256 waiting for Molli in Bad Doberan257 ModifiedDog and Luuk in Molli259 Molli arrives at the festival260 tent painting262 Caballero Reynaldo on the truck stage263 Caballero Reynaldo on the truck stage264 Caballero Reynaldo265 Le Bocal266 Le Bocal267 Le Bocal268 Le Bocal269 Le Bocal270 Le Bocal271 dark clouds273 Le Bocal274 Le Bocal with Robert Martin275 Le Bocal with Robert Martin277 Le Bocal with Robert Martin278 Le Bocal281 Cynthia Emile au3 Bev ModifiedDog and hidihi283 Emile Cynthia au3 Bev bazbo Luuk ModifiedDog hidihi and Auke286 Cynthia BengoFury and Emile287 Maryse and EdLick288 Arffriend MaryJo and Steve Chillemni291 Sebkha Chott292 Sebkha Chott293 Sebkha Chott294 Sebkha Chott295 Sebkha Chott296 Sebkha Chott297 Zappanale festival ground298 Zappanale festival ground299 Zappanale festival ground301 hidihi and Emile eating Pfladen302 Bev BaldHeadedJohn and Magdalena303 'Old' Steves family and Chicago guy304 LudzNL DrZurkon Emile and Cynthia305 Ob307 Zappanale festival ground308 Filthy Habits Ensemble309 Filthy Habits Ensemble311 Filthy Habits Ensemble312 Filthy Habits Ensemble314 Freek and Luuk315 Gnarled Bikers317 bazbos crêpe319 Petter BaldHeadedJohn Magdalena au3 Simon TPS Bev JohnTheHat and HairZ321 Jean-Luc Ponty band322 Jean-Luc Ponty band323 Jean-Luc Ponty325 Jean-Luc Ponty326 Jean-Luc Ponty327 Jean-Luc Ponty328 Jean-Luc Ponty band329 Jean-Luc Ponty330 Freek and Luuk331 Eric332 Jean-Luc Ponty333 Jean-Luc Ponty334 Jean-Luc Ponty335 Jean-Luc Ponty band336 Jean-Luc Ponty337 TPS and LudzNL338 BengoFury339 BengoFury and Petter340 Cynthia Emile and Ethell341 ModifiedDog Cynthia and Emile342 Ob and Billy343 Ob Ethell and Billy344 Ob Ethell and Billy345 Ob knows the way how to get backstage346 Luuk347 EdLick and Freek348 Zappanale finale349 Zappanale finale351 Zappanale finale352 Zappanale finale353 Freek ModifiedDog and Luuk354 Zappanale finale355 Zappanale finale356 Luuks pancake with banana and honey357 Luuk and Freek358 Aufrichtiges Zappa359 Johannes360 hidihi and Luuk361 Napoleon Murphy Brock and EdLick362 Napoleon Murphy Brock and hidihi363 Maryse and Napoleon Murphy Brock364 Aufrichtiges Zappa365 Aufrichtiges Zappa



01 Jean Luc Ponty & band – Twenty Small Cigars (Frank Zappa) –

02 Zappanale finale – Camarillo Brillo – Muffin Man (Frank Zappa) –

03 Zappanale finale – Whippin’ Post (D. Allman) –

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