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Zappanale 2009 – Day 4 – Friday, August 14, 2009

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217 Project Object with Ike Willis and Don Preston

170 090814 Friday - ModifiedDog Lex hidihi and Auke171 view from the festival ground172 festival ground173 the camping174 Heiligendamm boulevard175 Heiligendamm boulevard176 Kuehlungsborn - from the pier177 Heiligendamm179 Luuk and ModifiedDog at the pier181 bazbo182 bazbo and ModifiedDog183 Heiligendamm pier184 festival area185 Pfladen187 Captain Cheesebeard

188 Captain Cheesebeard189 Captain Cheesebeard - Johan de Coninck Corsius190 Captain Cheesebeard191 Jazzprojekt Hundehagen192 Bruce Bickford193 Johnthehat reads Irvine Welsh194 Children Of Invention197 Children Of Invention200 Children Of Invention201 Luuk ModifiedDog and EdLick202 zombywoof LudzNL Luuk and ModifiedDog203 Children Of Invention204 Children Of Invention206 Luuk ModifiedDog hidihi Auke and EdLick207 coffee bar208 coffee bar209 Steve Hillage210 Steve Hillage band213 Steve Hillage214 Steve Hillage band215 the rubber fellow onstage with Project Object217 Project Object with Ike Willis and Don Preston218 Andre Chalmondeley219 Ike Willis220 moi222 Ike Willis226 Danny Walley Ike Willis and Andre Chalmondeley228 Eric Svalgard229 TheEvilPrince230 Bobby Martin234 Project Object236 Andre Chalmondeley237 Billy with a device from DerBarsch239 Ike Willis and DrDot240 PaulusS and Hasi241 Bev and PaulusS245 Wet T-shirt Night with DrDot246 Wet T-shirt Night with DrDot247 Project Object with Danny Walley Bobby Martin and Ike Willis249 Danny Walley251 Andre Chalmondeley252 Project Object with Ike Willis and Don Preston253 Project Object goodbye254 Geronimo Black and Ike Willis in Cosmik Debris256 Acid Mothers Guru Guru Gong with David Allen257 Acid Mothers Guru Guru Gong with David Allen258 David Allen259 BowTieDad with Flambay260 Auke and hidihi261 zoot Adam ke Helen and Jelly262 BengoFury and sibbz263 sibbz TheEvilPrince and NotPedro

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