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Zappanale #19 – Day 3, Friday – August 15, 2008

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167 080815 Friday - Luuk and ModifiedDog168 bazbo171 Luuk ModifiedDog Jelly EdLick and hidihi waiting for Molli172 EdLick and Molli173 the camping area174 ModifiedDog and hidihi176 bazbos breakfast177 Jelly Luuk hidihi and EdLick outside Stadtbaeckerei Molli Cafe178 hidihi Jelly EdLick Luuk and ModifiedDog in the streets of Bad Doberan179 Molli and EdLick in the streets of Bad Doberan180 statue of Frank Zappa182 bazbo and FZ185 Jelly and hidihi at the festival ground186 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve188 Ob190 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve191 Anti Agression Action Band - ke192 Anti Agression Action Band - Kilissa193 Anti Agression Action Band - Stephen198 Anti Agression Action Band - Jerry Outlaw205 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve206 Luuk and ModifiedDog207 ModifiedDog hidihi and Maryse208 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve with rubber chicken211 Ob214 Anti Agression Action Band - Steve and Jerry Outlaw217 Anti Agression Action Band - ke218 Anti Agression Action Band - Jerry Outlaw and ke220 The Wrong Object221 Jelly recording223 ModifiedDog Luuk and EdLick224 ModifiedDog bazbo and EdLick225 Paulu$ AllanZappa and Hasi226 The Wrong Object - Laurent227 The Wrong Object228 The Wrong Object - Fred229 The Wrong Object - Damien233 The Wrong Object - Michel238 Stace from USA242 Stanley Jason Zappa244 Stanley Jason Zappa245 BaldHeadedJohn tries to look taller248 StatusBaby Kilissa BowTieDad and ke251 Stace and the other USA friend253 albezap hidihi and ModifiedDog254 nice shirt257 Jelly and ke258 Kilissa Stace and the other USA friend260 EdLick is still taller than Magdalena and Bev261 zymurgy and Ob262 zymurgy ParaffinLamp and Ob263 Jelly and ke264 EdLick albezap and BaldHeadedJohn265 hidihi ke and StatusBaby266 jelly ke and ModifiedDog267 hidihi albezap and BaldHeadedJohn268 teaman Magdalena and Bev269 BaldHeadedJohn and teaman272 Gamma with rubber chicken273 Denny Walley with PGSoR276 PGSoR angry girlie279 Paul Green School Of Rock282 Denny Walley with PGSoR285 Jelly and Luuk286 Paul Green School of Rock287 Paul Green School of Rock289 Denny Walley with PGSoR291 PGSoR girlie294 Denny Walley and Napoleon Murphy Brock296 German loonie299 German fan301 German fan and Gamma302 Paul Green School of Rock with Napoleon Murphy Brock303 festival area304 bazbos pizza dinner305 zymurgy Paulu$ and Luuk307 Indukti308 Dixi meat service309 StatusBaby making an announcement310 StatusBaby making another announcement in the Zappateers tent311 someone didn't have breakfast at the Zappateers Festival in Nijmegen312 Billy and Ob313 Ob ParaffinLamp WrongObjectsMichel and albezap315 DrZurkon and ModifiedDog316 Hasi zymurgy and German guest317 HairZ and Ob320 Bogus Pomp - Jerry Outlaw321 bazbo and Steve in the Bogus Pomp crowd322 Ethell EdLick and Billy324 Bogus Pomp327 Ethell and Billy330 Luuk and Steve333 bazbo is headbanging341 Bogus Pomp342 sibbz EdLick and hidihi in the Zappateers tent345 NotPedro and unicrayon348 Paulu$ and BaldHeadedJohn349 Doochess and DebutantDaisy351 Electric Orange

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