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Zappanale #19 – Day 5, Sunday – August 17, 2008

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486 080817 Sunday - bazbos breakfast497 UZVA498 UZVA500 camping area501 ModifiedDog and UniMuta502 UZVA guitarists and BowTieDad503 Ob504 Jazz Projekt Hundehagen505 HairZ and BaldHeadedJohn506 PrincessHelen and Adam507 au3 and BengoFury508 Festival area509 Festival area510 Festival area511 Festival area512 Jelly hidihi and EdLick watching pictures513 Fattore Zeta515 Fattore Zeta516 EdLick and Luuk519 Fattore Zeta - Jacopo Guisti520 Fattore Zeta - Giorgio Tourasi521 Fattore Zeta522 Fattore Zeta - Jacopo Giusti524 Fattore Zeta - Federico Pistelli526 Luuk and hidihi527 Ethell528 Luuk529 Stanley Jason Zappa530 Stanley Jason Zappa531 Stanley Jason Zappa532 Gamma is inspired by the music533 Stanley Jason Zappa535 Kilissa and unholm watching the review from Friday536 Stanley Jason Zappa537 Cotton Ponies538 HairZ with Frederico Pistelli and Jacopo Giusti from Fattore Zeta539 Martin and Barsch540 BaldHeadedJohn wins a prize in Ben Watsons quiz543 Adam PrincessHelen IdiotBastard zymurgy UncleIan John and Kilissa544 John Kilissa moi Paulu$ and Hasi548 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band552 Ob in typical Zappanale pose554 Luuk and EdLick556 ParaffinLamp560 Napoleon Murphy Brock563 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band with Napoleon Murphy Brock and Denny Walley567 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band with Napoleon Murphy Brock and Denny Walley569 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band with Napoleon Murphy Brock571 ModifiedDog hidihi and Ethell572 Billy and StatusBaby576 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band with Stanley Jason Zappa577 Finnish Zappa Tribute Band581 Finale582 Finale - Denny Walley584 Finale586 Finale589 Finale591 Aufrichtiges Zappa - Johannes with rubber chicken592 Ob filming Aufrichtiges Zappa593 Aufrichtiges Zappa - Jophannes594 Aufrichtiges Zappa595 ParaffinLamp596 Billy rubber chicken abuse597 Billy rubber chicken abuse598 Billy rubber chicken abuse599 Billy rubber chicken abuse601 Aufrichtiges Zappa audience603 Aufrichtiges Zappa encore604 unholm filming Aufrichtiges Zappa605 ParaffinLamp606 Ob and ModifiedDog607 DebutantDaisy and BowTieDad608 EdLick NotPedro and Lennart609 Jelly unicrayon James and Lennart610 BowTieDad and ParaffinLamp611 Ob unicrayon and CheepnisAroma613 ParaffinLamp Ethell Billy and Ob614 StatusBaby615 EdLick ModifiedDog UniMuta and DrZurkon616 DrZurkon hidihi and EdLick617 Sharleena and sibbz

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